Ep. 8 Solo Dolo: 10 Ways To Get Unstuck, Stop Procrastinating and Execute On Your Goals

Hey Queens

This Solo Dolo Episode is all about getting you moving. If I have learned anything in the year of COVID; it is time waits for no one.

Back in June I posted on IG 10 Ways To… Well, I decided to bring that same post over here to share the same message but better because you get to listen to me break down easy tip.

Here are the 10 Tips:

1) Release your fear of failure: Doing this will alleviate stress, anxiety, and overwhelming feelings.

2) Set-up a system: routine, routine, routine

3) Focus on 1 thing at a time: Stop doing 100 things at a time. Schedule one task to complete a day. Once you complete one project you can move over to the next.

4) Eliminate distractions: When working on a project turn off your phone or put it on silent, turn off TV’s and any social media account. Everything is on pause until you have completed said task.

5) Prioritize Prioritization: Create steps, make list, start small. Most important to less important. This will help you complete your task on time and eliminate unnecessary stress and anxiety.

6) Have a schedule: Juggling work and family can be difficult. Having a schedule can ease some tension and help you create balance. Schedules create clarity and boundaries.

7) Be Realistic: Remember Roman was not built in a day; so, do think you can tackle ever task on your to-do list.

8) Ditch perfection: There is no such thing as perfect.

9) Allocate enough time for each task: Set aside a minimal of 1.5-2 hours for each task.

10) Celebrate your small wins: For each task/ goal you achieve celebrate your accomplishment.

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